Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SRC 037: Backyard Dogs (2000)

When your wrestling film resembles an audition tape for another installment of JACKASS, you know you've body slammed your way into the Restroom...

BACKYARD DOGS deals with the bromance of two up and coming wrestlers who hook up with a publicist (GRIMM's Bree Turner) in order to compete with the "big boys" in some backyard wrestling championship that no one has ever heard of before.  With silly names like, Voodoo Jones, the Outlaw, and Crazy Casey, you know you're not in for a not at the opera.

This smackdown of shame is currently available for streaming on Netflix, but as always, you're better off letting us put a choke hold on it and saving yourself from expensive doctor bills.

Our special guests this time out are Degenerate John and Dee Dee from the STEEL CAGE RADIO podcast. These long time fans of the show know as much about crappy wrestling as we do about crappy films, so the tag team assist will be much appreciated.  You can follow all their action on their regular website, as well as Twitter and FB.

Sit back now and give a listen as Nat, Rilla, & Knight flush you down the cinematic bowl with, BACKYARD DOGS...