Friday, December 25, 2015

SRC 095: Babes In Toyland (1986)

Merry Christmas!  When your holiday family film plays more like a Jared Fogle fever dream that includes underage kids, furries, and a cookie factory, you know you've toy soldiered your way into the Restroom...

BABES IN TOYLAND deals with a young girl (a relatively sober Drew Barrymore) who bangs her head on a tree and travels to some whacked out ranch jam packed with fairy tale characters who fear for a villain (Richard Mulligan) that wants to take over Toyland from the Toymaster (Pat Morita).  Bad acting and musical numbers abound.

This holiday fruitcake is available for streaming on YouTube, but as always, you're better off leaving the Furry corralling to us and watching a true holiday classic like DIE HARD instead.

Our special guest this time out is former Scientologist and avid cinephile, Nora Crest.  In addition to hosting her own YouTube channel, GROWING UP SCIENTOLOGY: FROM CRADLE TO SLAVE, she also writes about various topics from movies to religion on her personal blog,

Sit back now and give a listen as Griffin, Soghomonian, & Knight flush you down the Cinematic Bowl with, BABES IN TOYLAND...