Saturday, March 15, 2014

SRC 034: Mutants (2008)

When your low budget film is trying to pass off sugar addicted junkies like they're brain eating zombies, you know you're suffering withdrawal symptoms here in the Restroom...

MUTANTS deals with an evil sugar cane owner who develops the most addictive sugar EVER thanks to an evil scientist with a lame Russian accent.  Paycheck cashing Michael Ironside and Steven Bauer pop up long enough to mount an assault against the zombie like side effects of test subjects who have eaten WAY too much Fun Dip.

This insulin buster is available for streaming on Netflix, VUDU, and Amazon Instant Video, but you might want to lay off the sweets and just let us do the Willy Wonka on it.

Previous guest Maria Olsen returns once again to the Restroom to assist in our cinematic flushing of this sweet tooth turd.  Maria has graced us with her quadruple threat (actor, writer, director, producer) presence before with SAND SHARKS and A THOUSAND CUTS.  She has over 100 (and counting) film and video credits to her name, including such mainstream fare as PERCY JACKSON, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3, and ROB ZOMBIE'S LORDS OF SALEM.  If anyone is qualified to flush this turd, it's certainly her.

Sit back now and give a listen as Nat, Rilla, & Knight flush you down the Cinematic Bowl with MUTANTS...