Monday, February 18, 2013

SRC 006: Titanic II (2010)

When your low budget ocean liner disaster flick picks the most obvious title ever, yet fails to deliver Leo, Kate, or even Celine Dion, you know you've iceberged your way in the Restroom...

TITANIC II (the most foreshadowed title ever) tells the story of a modern day luxury liner that sets sail from New York on the 100th anniversary of the infamous original ship, only to encounter a lot of badly done CGI icebergs and tsunamis in its path.

Shane Van Dyke wrote, directed, and starred in this Asylum productions masterpiece.  He is the grandson of the late Dick Van Dyke, and living proof that talent does not always run in the family.

Not surprisingly, this floating turd is currently unavailable for streaming through the major outlets, but if you happen to poke around YouTube a bit, you just may find a watchable copy to sink (again).  But as always, you're better off leaving the Cinematic Cruise Direction to us and ship shaping your way somewhere else.

Our special guests this time out include the lovely and talented Kris Anger (@knew573), a freelance TV and film reviewer whose work you can find on her own blog right HERE.

Current Cinematic Co-Flusher Congo Rilla is also on hand to lend her comedic talents (to say nothing of her nail coloring tips) to the proceedings.

Grab a life jacket and give a listen as we flush you down the cinematic bowl with TITANIC II...