Monday, February 18, 2013

SRC 001: Dark Nemesis (2011)

When a cinematic turd features so much green screen that it actually creates motion sickness, you know you've found you way into the Soiled Restroom Cinema.

Dark Nemesis (aka The Dark Knight) deals with a post apocalyptic green screen world where a group of soldiers are on the run from an overacting warlord over some stolen silver and must cross the Shadowlands, where under rendered CGI creatures dwell, in order to reach freedom.

Writer/director Drew Maxwell did everything he could to insure to make sure this film sucked HARD.

This stellar piece of entertainment can be found either at Amazon or your local Redbox, but you might be better odd just listening to the podcast.  It's for you own safety.

Our special guest is the lovely and talented Debra Lopez, a Chicago based actress who plays the lead assassian Tana in this wonderfully craptastic flick.

Sit back now as Honor & Kate flush you down the cinematic bowl with Dark Nemesis...