Thursday, June 27, 2013

SRC 026: Eyeborgs (2009)

If you've been clamoring to see Machete (Danny Trejo) take on a bunch of boring, CGI robots, your wish has been granted here in the Restroom with this cinematic turd...

Eyeborgs deals with a bunch of futuristic surveillance robots that double as killing machines whenever the plot requires them to do something other than videotape characters.  TV's Highlander Adrian Paul headlines as some federal agent named Gunner who slowly (very slowly) unravels a conspiracy in the upper reaches of the US government...from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Apparently the production blew it's budget on all those snazzy CGI robots, leaving nothing left over for travel expenses.

This robotic snoozefest is available for streaming right now on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, but you might have a better time staying awake by listening to our podcast.  We do.

Our special guest in the cinematic bowl this time out is Dale Girard, who plays the role of Sankur in this robotic nightmare.  In addition to various acting projects, Girard also earns his keep as a veteran stunt coordinator, having worked on projects like Junebug, The Key Man, and NBC's Revolution.  If someone needs to get beat up, burned, or bludgeoned by CGI robots, this is the man you call.

Sit back now and give a listen as Honor, Kate, & Kris flush you down the cinematic bowl with, Eyeborgs...