Thursday, June 15, 2017

SRC 164: Staten Island Summer (2015)

When your coming of age comedy plays more like a lame, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE ten to one sketch than it does a wistful looking at youth, you know you've cannonball-ed your way into the Restroom...

STATEN ISLAND SUMMER deals with two lifeguards (Graham Phillips, Zack Pearlman) and their efforts to host a party on the last weekend of summer before going off to college.  What follows are 108 minutes of bad Jewish accents, endless roster of SNL actors, DOA jokes, and actress Gina Gershon performing like she's auditioning for a musical version of THE NANNY.


This contaminated water mess is currently available for streaming on Netflix, but as always, you're better off leaving this cinematic turd floater to us and go watch Ryan Reynolds in the far funnier WAITING instead.

Joining us as part of our extended co-flushing team this time out is Paul Hawkins, one half of the podcasting team over at the BlokeBusters podcast.

Sit back now as Griffin, Crest, Polton, & Knight flush you down the Cinematic Bowl with, STATEN ISLAND SUMMER...