Friday, March 29, 2013

SRC Stall #15: The Surge (aka The Source) (2002)

If you've ever wondered what The Breakfast Club would have been like if they gained superpowers, wonder no more...

The Surge (aka The Source) deals with four high school jerks who become even bigger jerks when they find a couple of glowing yellow stones in a state park that grants each of them  X-Men styled powers.  It's not long before one of them goes bug nuts and it's up to the other three to put an end to the madness.  However, you'll probably be asleep LONG before it gets to that point.

Not surprisingly, this cinematic turd doesn't even have a decent trailer, but here's an extended clip of Once Upon A Time's David Anders (as David Holt) displaying some questionable acting skills:

This masterpiece of crap is available for streaming right now on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video if you're so inclined.  Be warned, however, Heroes this is NOT.

Our special guest this time out is Mathew Scollon, who plays the lead character Reese in this cinematic turd.  Scollon has appeared in many blink-and-you'll-miss-him parts in such shows as ER, CSI, and Charmed. This film may have been the highlight of his career.  Fortunately, we don't judge.  We just flush.

Sit back now and relax as Honor, Kate & Kris flush you down the cinematic bowl with The Surge...